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Frequently Asked Questions


What about jerseys?

  • 4th grade and players new to the association, we will be working with your coaches to arrange a practice night for you to be sized.

  • If you already have a uniform and need a replacement jersey or shorts, please indicate that during registration or contact us at


How will you handle team formation?

  • Similar to years past, we will provide evaluations during a scheduled practice night and form teams based on the protocols in our parent handbook. 


When will you be looking for coaches?

  • We will be opening up registration for coaches from October 1st through the 9th and then announcing our selections by October 15th.


What if a tournament gets canceled due to COVID? 

  • Tournament entries are guaranteed, if the tournament is forced to cancel due to concerns around COVID, we will receive a refund for that tournament and work with your team to try and rebook another tournament. If we are unable to, we would issue a refund of $25 for that tournament. 


What if our team is unable to play in a tournament due to COVID exposure?

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for this situation as each tournament is dependent on the teams they secure for each bracket. 


How will open gym work for 7th & 8th grade?

  • Our board members will be facilitating and supervising these evenings in order to help provide structured games and drills best suited for the number of players who attend. 


Are we allowed to watch practices or open gyms?

  • Absolutely no one outside registered players and coaches can enter the building. Players should be dropped off no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled practice time and picked up immediately at the end of their practice. 


Are fans allowed to watch during tournaments?

  • This is unknown at this time, we anticipate a decision from the MSHSL on basketball specifically October 1st that will establish a precedent likely to be followed by all associations and tournaments in the state. While we understand that this is something we all enjoy, we will adhere to the safety protocols in place for each tournament. Depending on the decision around spectators coming from the MSHSL, this may be a compromise we have to make in order to allow our kids to play competitively this season.


How will you be monitoring for COVID exposure?

  • Should we be notified of a positive COVID exposure situation, we will contact the coach and establish a list of players in close contact based on practice or tournament attendance and contact those familes. 


What will happen if my player is exposed to someone who tested COVID positive at practice?

  • First, we can only mitigate the risks of COVID so far and will require you to sign a district approved waiver before participating in any BBA activities. 

  • Second, we will notify anyone who came in contact with a COVID positive person and require a 14 day self-quarantine from any BBA activities. 


What if my son or daughter has minor symptoms and is scheduled for a practice or tournament?

  • As much as it may hurt, we can absolutely not allow anyone exhibiting symptoms to attend any practices or tournaments. The risk simply isn’t worth losing a team for a chunk of the season. 


How soon can my son or daughter resume BBA activities after testing positive for COVID?

  • 10 days after a positive test and when symptoms no longer present


What if our coach tests positive and can’t be there for a practice or tournament?

  • We will work to find a parent or board member to fill in during their absence. If we are unable to, we may have to cancel or reschedule that event. 


Are masks required?

  • Due to state mandates and district guidelines, masks are required entering the building and can be safely removed once the player begins athletic activities. 




How long is the season?

We plan to start the season in the beginning of November and end the season near the middle of March.



Why does the BBA hold evaluations?

If enough children sign up in a particular grade (grades 4,5,6) to make 2 or more teams, then the BBA will require those children to participate in evaluations.  This will help our association collect data on each player so we may make the teams as even as possible.  Evaluations will be held for the 7th and 8th graders to help us determine how to split the teams according to their skill level, if more than one team needs to be formed.   We realize that having evaluations will not solve every issue and we are also aware that the players will accelerate at different speeds throughout the season.


 When will evaluations take place?

We hope to hold the evaluations soon after we close registrations.  Once we have determined a date and time, the BBA will send out a mass email letting everyone know what grades need to be evaluated.



How many practices per week can be expected, and how long are they?

For grades 4-6, your child will have 2 practices per week during the season.  The days that your child will practice are typically Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays with some occasional Wednesday or Friday nights if need be.  Practices will be 1 hour long each evening.  Practices are typically scheduled between 7-9pm.  The Byron school district may let us rent some gyms as early as 6:00pm.  We do our best to schedule the younger grades for the earlier practices. 

For grades 7 and 8: If your child is to participate with the BBA, he or she will be required to sign up for school basketball and practices will be very limited. Our main focus for grades 7 and 8 is not to work on basic basketball skills but rather provide additional games for the players.  Your coach may schedule random practices throughout the season to work on team plays before an upcoming tournament.  However, due to limited gym space, 4-6 grade practices will take precedence for practices during the weekday evenings.  Practices for 7th and 8th grade could very well be scheduled on a Friday evening or a Saturday morning. The BBA will not schedule practices during the school basketball season.



Are there any scholarships available?

Yes.  Please contact our club president for more information.



What if I don’t want my child to play the maximum number of tournaments?

Depending on which grade your child is in, the number of tournaments will vary.  Please check our philosophies page for more information.  Teams can elect to play within the minimum/maximum allowed.  If your child cannot make it for all the tournaments, please communicate that with his/her coach. 



What if my child can’t make it to all the tournaments or practices?

The BBA recognizes that everyone has a very busy lifestyle.  Children will not be penalized if they miss a few practices or games throughout the season.  With that said, please keep in mind that it is fair for a head coach to pull someone from the court if the player doesn't know the plays that are being called.  Biggest thing here is to communicate with your child’s coach.


Will there be a parent meeting before the seasons starts?

Yes.  We try to schedule our parent meeting during the same time as the evaluation process.



Is there an alternative to Traveling Basketball?

The BBA does not have a in-house program.  We recommend you check into the Champion Youth Basketball program in Rochester.  All games are played in Rochester against other teams in the Champion Youth Basketball program.  Please click here to be directed to their website.