Byron Basketball Traveling Tournaments Youth

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BBA is excited to present the 2020 Summer Skills program. This program is designed to reward players who invest in their continued development throughout the summer.


Cost per player


  • $30

Tracking Sheets

* to create your own digital tracking sheet, click to open the template, then click "File > Make a Copy" and save a version to your Google Drive. From there you can enter your minutes directly into the Tracking tab.

Key Dimensions

  • Positionless player development (Primary focus)
  • Fitness and the Multisport athlete
  • Building Character and Community through volunteering




  • Registration May 18th - June 15th

  • Program Runs June 1st - August 30th

  • Tracking Sheets Due - Sunday, September 13th

  • Recognition Night TBD (Boys and Girls)




  • Byron Public School Student

  • Ages 2nd - 8th Grade (2020 - 2021 School Year)



Recognition Levels


All players who reach 1000 basketball minutes or higher will be recognized at halftime of the boys or girls varsity game and receive the following awards based on the level of achievement.


Silver 1000 Basketball minutes - Recognition T-Shirt
Gold 3000 Basketball minutes - Recognition Sweatshirt
Black ELITE Top 10% point finishers - Personalized Recognition Sweatshirt




Scoring Categories


Category Example Activities Minutes
Basketball Competetive Games, Dribbling, Shooting, Camps Unlimited
Cardio / Multi-sport Weightlifting, Cardio, Organized Sports 180 per week (MAX)
Volunteering Community Service, Churches, Charities, Non Profits 180 per week (MAX)


BONUS Workout


Players who complete this specific workout within any days minutes will receive 5 bonus minutes for that day. This also serves as a simple framework for players to focus on the basics each day.



BONUS Workout    
2nd - 5th Grade 2 Minutes right-hand dribble, 2 minutes left-hand dribble, 10 Made right-hand layups, 10 Made left-hand layups, 10 Made free throws
6th, 7th & 8th Grade (5 Minutes right-hand dribble, 5 minutes left-hand dribble), SPRINT, (25 Made right-hand layups, 25 Made left-hand layups), SPRINT, 15 Made free throws
* - App is highly encouraged by BBA for timed dribbling workouts, many are available at no-cost
* - younger players who are unable to shoot from the regulation free throw line should move closer while still being encouraged to stay behind a line for the shot



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.  

Email:   or talk to your favorite BBA board member.