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BBA is excited to present “Summer Skills”, skill enhancement program. Like the 10K shot format, this program is designed to reward players who invest in their continued development throughout the summer. “Summer Skills” is centered around the time players spend building up both their skills on the court with camps, leagues and drills but also encourages them to earn points by developing their character through community service and their bodies through age appropriate weight training and cardio workouts.



Key Dates

Due to the late end to our school year, we’re going to extend the Summer Skills program a little longer this year.

  • Registration May 28th - June 15th

  • Program Runs June 1st - Sept 14th

  • Tracking Sheets Due Data October 1st

  • Recognition Night December 20th (Boys and Girls)


Cost Per Player

Grade level as of 2019-2020 School Year

$ 30 for 2nd - 8th Grade*

* - The Summer Skills registration fee includes access to all BBA open gym times scheduled throughout the summer.


Recognition Levels

All players who reach 5K or higher will be recognized at halftime of the boys or girls varsity game and receive the following rewards based on the level of points they reach.


5K Points - T-Shirt


10K Points - Sweatshirt


15K Points - Sweatshirt & Trophy



How do the points work?


To keep it simple, points are minutes. Minutes spent playing basketball, attending camps or doing other activities that build us up as stronger players. Some activities are worth bonus points, such as the Bear Maker camps, weight training and community service. We’ve provided a list of point scoring opportunities below as well as goals for our 5th-8th grade players.


Scoring Opportunities



Points Per Min

2nd - 4th Summer Goals

5th - 8th Summer Goals

Bear Maker Camps


7+ Hours of Bear Maker Camp with Byron Head Coach Kyle Finney or Jeremy Baumbach

7+ Hours of Bear Maker Camp with Byron Head Coach Kyle Finney or Jeremy Baumbach

Community Service


2+ Hours of Community Service

6+ Hours of Community Service

Byron Open Gym


4+ Hours of Open Gym

4+ Hours of Open Gym

Lifting / Cardio



3+ Hours / week of weight training or cardio activity

Summer Leagues


Any league play is good

12+ Hours of Competitive Summer League Play

Other Camps


Any camp time is good

12+ Hours of Skill Development Camps

Shooting, Dribbling, Playing Basketball


3-5 Hours / Week of dribbling, shooting & playing basketball.

5-7 Hours / Week of dribbling, shooting & playing basketball.

Returning Tracking Sheets

Kids can continue to tracking their points through this coming Sunday, September 15th. After they've completed their tracking sheets, please return them to us before October 1st. There are 3 ways you can turn the sheets in:

  1. Hand the sheet to a board member. 

    • We're happy to collect these in person, if you know one of our volunteer board members, please feel free to give them to one of us directly.

  2. Postal Mail

    • Put your tracking sheet into an envelope and address it to:

      • PO BOX 421 Byron, MN 55920

  3. Email

    • Scan or take pictures, front and back, of your tracking sheets and email them to:

Summer Skills recognition night for both Boys & Girls will be Friday, December 20th. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know. 


BBA Summer Open Gym Times

All comers welcome, we will have structured, age appropriate drill stations, instruction and/or game opportunities for all who attend. Cost to attend is $5 per open gym outside of the Summer Skills program.


Sunday, June 16 / 6-8PM

Sunday, June 23 / 6-8PM

Sunday, July 21 / 6-8PM

Sunday, July 28 / 6-8PM

Sunday, August 4 / 6-8PM

Sunday, August 11 / 6-8PM

Sunday, August 18 / 6-8PM

Sunday, August 25 / 6-8PM CANCELLED


Byron Bear Maker Camps

These camps emphasize & develop key values and skills our varsity programs are looking for in it’s players.


Boys Bearmaker Basketball Camp

Boys Coach - Kyle Finney

June 12th - 14th / 12:30PM - 3PM / 5th - 7th Grade (5th - 7th sign up)

June 12th - 14th / 9AM - 11:30AM / 8th - 10th Grade (8th - 10th sign up)


Byron Girls Basketball Camp

Girls Coach: Jeremy Baumbach

June 17 - 20th / 8AM - 10AM / K - 4th Grade (K - 4th sign up)

June 17 - 20th / 1PM - 3PM / 5th - 8th Grade (5th - 8th sign up)


Summer Weight Lifting

Summer age appropriate weight training available June 12th - August 8th at the high school.

Mon - Thurs / 8:30AM - 9:45AM / 7th - 12th Girls

Mon - Thurs / 10AM - 11:15AM / 7th & 8th Boys

Mon & Tues / 5PM - 6PM / 7th - 12th Boys & Girls

Cardio workouts can be done with parents guidance & supervision


Community Service

Volunteering is an excellent way to develop character and aid our community. Up to 20 hours can be counted.

Senior Centers

Assisting Neighbors

Summer Camps

Churches, Charities & Non Profits


Summer League & Tournament Opportunities

Some examples of summer basketball leagues


Byron Summer Swish League

Elite Playmakers

MYAS Summer Tournaments


Summer Camp Opportunities

Some examples of summer basketball camp opportunities.


Byron Boys Basketball Primary Camp K-4 (June 24 - June 27)


Gustie Basketball and Leadership Camp


Breakthrough Basketball

Shooting, Ball Handling & Finishing Camp

Essential Youth Skills & Decision Making Camp


Snow Valley Basketball Camp


Joe Ohm Summer Basketball Camps


Shooting & Ball Handling

**Take quality attempts, with game level focus and energy.** Using tools such as DribbleUp Smart Basketball +App or can make individual workouts more fun & challenging.



Basket Attacks & Finishing Moves

Ball Toss Catch and Shoot

Rhythm Shooting – Off the Dribble

Free Throws

Post Moves (Drop step, up & under, reverse pivot)

Ball Handling (JR NBA Skills & Drills)

Pound Dribble (Knee, Hip & Shoulder Progression)

Double Pound Dribble (Knee, Hip & Shoulder Progression)

Double Pound Dribble (Alternate Shoulder & Knee)

Crossover / Between Legs Crossover Dribble

Behind the back Dribble

Side V-Dribble

Figure 8s

JR NBA Skill Building Practice Plans