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2019-2020 Byron Basketball Board Members
by posted 06/02/2019



The board is set for the 2019-2020 saeson and we couldn't be more excited to have such a great group of passionate advocates for basketball and the youth of our community. We look forward to serving parents, coaches and players over the coming season in providing a rewading opportunity to develop character and skill through this great game. Please feel free to contact any of our members with questions, ideas or words of affirmation to let us know how we can continue to make this program the best around for all who are a part of it. 



Board Member



Nate Ende



Program  & Partnerships

Heidi Snell

Vice President

Equipment & Merchandise

Shay Baumbach



Sherri Durst



Mike Schnell



Matt Kelm

Skills and Drills Leader

Skills & Drills

Greg Worden

Referee Scheduler

Hosted Tournaments

Jason Harvey

Tournament Scheduler

Traveling Program

Sarah Rossow

Skills & Drills

Nate Coleman

Hosted Tournaments

Eric Matter

Traveling Program

Kyle Finney

Head Varsity Boys Coach

Jeremy Baumbach

Head Varsity Girls Coach

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Changes to Summer Skills Program (10K Shot Club)
by posted 06/02/2019

As we have made some changes to the format this year, we wanted to highlight some of those improvements for you to hopefully get you as excited as we are for this summer development opportunity.  

  • Moving away from counting shots

    • Over the years we have had a lot of success with the 10K shots program and it's been a great tool to keep the ball in kids hands throughout the summer. One of its challenges however, has been accounting for and incorporating other skill building activities such as ball handling workouts, weight training, camps and summer leagues. Coaches Kyle Finney and Jeremy Baumbach have worked with us to refocus our summer program around the amount of time our kids are investing in all aspects of making themselves into better players. This time that they invest, as signed off on by parents and coaches, will equate to points that they earn throughout the summer. As we have always done, we will then recognize them for their achievements at a varsity game in December as well as include a gift that corresponds with the highest recognition level they achieve.

  • Incorporation of Open Gym

    • We wanted to make sure we added in opportunities for them to get into the gym this summer on as regular a cadence as possible. With holidays and facilities improvements, we were able to reserve 8 out of the 13 possible Sunday evenings to open the High School for these kids to come and work on their skills and play with their peers. Players that are not registered into our Summer Skills program will need to pay $5 per time to attend the 2-hour open gym session.

  • Addition of up to 20 hours of community service

    • One important element of the development of quality players and teammates, is their character. The coaches and our board felt that this was an important addition to our Summer Skills program to encourage our players to go out into the community and seek ways to help their neighbors, churches/non-profits and senior citizens. The time that they invest serving others, we see as integral to their development as contributing members of our community and our program will support that up to 20 hours.

  • Opening up to younger players

    • Traditionally, our summer program has only been available to our traveling age players, but the board has decided that we would like to welcome our younger players to participate in hopes of giving them a fun challenge to work on throughout the summer. Our hope is that inviting them to participate at a younger age will develop stronger ball handling & shooting skills as they move into traveling age. We're just excited to get a ball in their hands and have them be a part of building a stronger youth program in Byron.

  • 3 Levels of Recognition

    • In order to support the addition of our younger players, as well as an opportunity for hard working kids to reach even higher, we've created 3 recognition levels. Each level will have a gift that our association, in collaboration with the Bear's Den, will be providing. Those achievement levels are as follows:

      • 5K Points - T-Shirt

      • 10K Points - Sweatshirt

      • 15K Points - Sweatshirt & Trophy

  • 15 Week Program

    • Lastly, due to the late end to our school year, we have decided to extend our Summer Skills tracking this year to 15 weeks instead of 13, concluding September 14th. With the first couple weeks in June being school days, we felt like kids might not have as much an opportunity to get into as good a rhythm as they have in years past. Hopefully this extension will give them some ability to make up ground and reach their goals.

Those are the highlights as to what's changing this year in our BBA summer program. We hope this new format provides a fun and challenging opportunity for your player or players to continue developing themselves throughout the summer.


BBA Board

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