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Message for coaches


Byron Basketball Association Coaches:

Thank you for volunteering to coach in the BBA program this year.  Volunteers are the foundation of this program and there would be no BBA without people like you.  You are sincerely appreciated.

To keep things as easy as possible for you coaches, we have set this page up and added important links to documents that need to be completed before our coaches meeting.

If you have any questions please contact our club President.  You will find an email link for the President in the board members tab.

Thank you for your dedication! - BBA Board Members

1.  Coaches Code of Conduct - (no action required) This is now a required box to check in the online coaches registration.

2.  Background Check & Child Safety Training will be done through the Trusted Coaches portal




  • THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING!! We couldn’t do this without you. 
  • Background checks and child safety training will be coming soon through Trusted Coaches

What a winning program looks like


  • We don't chase trophies, our goal is the development of these young players by providing a fun, safe and challenging learning environment for them to enjoy the game and advance their skills. 
  • Our philosophies are developed in conjunction with the varsity program in order to create a more cohesive and successful program top to bottom.
  • We believe winning basketball starts with defense and ball control, this will be an emphasis and an anchor point while we work to develop our offensive skills. 
  • We believe good shots come from efficient team offense stemming from good ball movement and all players posing a threat. 
  • We believe basketball players will need to be good decision makers and therefore we will prioritize sound motion and spacing fundamentals. 
  • Players can focus on 2 things to be successful every practice and game: 1. being coachable and 2. giving their best effort to be a great teammate on both sides of the floor.



  • Players, Parents & Coaches Represent Our Community Positively 
  • 7/8 Players must be registered for school basketball
  • 7/8 player eligibility in school ball carries over to BBA



  • All teams should work together to use the same concepts and terminologies so the entire grade level can learn and grow together. The 5-out, read-and-react motion offense is highly encouraged, but not mandated. If you need help with practice plans or would like additional mentorship as a coach, please let your grade level manager know.
  • Until the teams are established, we will be having skills based, fundamental focused practices. This will not only establish a cohesiveness within the entire group but it will also emphasize core basketball skills while allowing the coaches to get a good understanding of what each individual player’s strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Once teams are established, grade levels should continue to work together for stretching, warmups and skill concepts before breaking out into team time. 



  • Monday / Thursdays (with exceptions)
  • 7th & 8th will have few practices before and after the school basketball season 
  • Subject to change due to priority of school activities. Website will be current with updates. Email will be sent with changes.


Practice Facilities

  • Only players and coaches are allowed into practice facilities. Parents should drop off at building entrances no earlier than 10 minutes prior to practice time. 
  • Players are to be quiet and respectful in the hallways while waiting for the prior group to finish their practice. No dribbling basketballs and please wait for the previous group to finish before taking the court. We must take care of our facilities and the relationship we have with the district who oversees them. **This is important**



We are currently getting equipment bags put together, your grade manager will be working with you to ensure it’s delivered for your first practice. 


Coaches Kits for 3th - 6th

  • Ball bag
  • Game ball
  • Practice ball x 2
  • Ball pump
  • Cones 10 per pack
  • Dry erase board- 16.5"x12.5"
  • Practice pinnies
  • Pop-up defender
  • Whistle
  • First aid kit
  • Score book


“Preseason Primer” Scrimmage Day

All 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade teams will have a chance to play on the High School court with live referees in front of all their parents and friends. The idea is to simulate a tournament game experience for the kids and get them prepared to start the traveling season knowing what to expect. We’ll have 2 of the best teaching refs on site all day with us who will spend a little more time with the kids to educate them on things that refs in live tournaments will be calling. The schedule for that day will be coming out shortly. 


  • 3rd Grade: 3 tournaments 
  • 4th Grade: 6 Tournaments (including Rochester Spring) can elect to play 1 extra
  • 5th-6th Grade: 8 Tournaments (including Rochester Spring) can elect to play 1 extra
  • 7th & 8th: 5 Tournaments (including Rochester Spring) can elect to play 1 extra

Playing time 

  • 3-6 adequate as close to equal as possible
  • 7-8 earned with effort (not skill only) @ coach's discretion, all players should be rotated into each game

Byron Tournaments

Our BBA Hosted Tournaments are key fundraisers for our program allowing us to offer a lower cost to our players and their families. Not only are they critical to our success financially, but they are so fun to put on and help us expose other cities and organizations to our community and help build our reputation as a basketball town. 


  • Holiday Classic - Dec. 10th & 11th 2022
  • Winter Clash - Feb. 4th & 5th 2023


* - 7th & 8th Grade required to volunteer as book or clock operators


Team Formation


Assistant Coaches - We don’t have teams formed, so we can’t assign you assistant coaches because we don’t know what roster the volunteers would be on. The first few practices will need to be a collaboration until draft night. Once the teams are drafted we will get them into the system, look at where that puts us and recruit if needed.


7/8 Team formation

  • Moving into Junior High basketball, traveling becomes more competitive and teams are composed according to player’s ability levels in order to schedule the right level of competition. 
  • Players will be evaluated by the varsity coaches and then assigned to Gold (A), Black (C) or White (C) teams according to the grade level numbers. 
  • If a grade level only has enough players to form 2 teams, the selected players will be on the Gold (A) roster and remaining players will be on a White (C) team to ensure proper competitive scheduling. 
  • Pre-formation practices and the evaluation practice will be facilitated by our volunteer coaches 


Note: The coaches helping us through the formation process are not guaranteed to be coaching the Gold (select) team.


3/4/5/6 Team Formation


Team Formation Dates: 

  • 4th, 5th & 6th - November 1st 2022
  • 3rd - November 7th 2022


Coaches draft teams under the supervision of our varsity coaches after having a chance to work with the kids in 3 practices. Coaches will meet together and alternate selections in order to create fair and balanced teams. 


Formation Meeting Schedule:


November 1st


November 7th






Girls 4th



Girls 3rd


Boys 4th



Boys 3rd


Girls 5th



Boys 5th



Girls 6th



Boys 6th




Once teams have been formed, assistant coaches will be assigned or recruited in order to ensure you have at least one additional volunteer to help with your group. 

Q & A 

Updating schedule, Emailing parents




Coach Email Templates:


Board Contacts

  • Board President: Nate Ende ( )
  • Coaching Director: Melissa Hager (
  • Traveling Director: Eric Matter ( )


Grade Managers

3G    Kasie S.

4G    Nate C.

5G    Greg W.

6G    Sarah R.

7G    Emmy H.

8G    Heidi S.

3B    Matt K.

4B    Hollie S.

5B    Melissa H.

6B    Mike D.

7B    Shay B.

8B    Dave H.